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Small enchanters nightshade

Circaea alpina commonly called enchanters nightshade or small enchanters nightshade is a 10–30 cm tall perennial herb found in cool forests of the Northern Hemisphere.

Ozark Air Lines Flight 982

Ozark Air Lines Flight 982 was a regularly scheduled flight on December 27, 1968, originating from Sioux Falls Regional Airport to OHare International Airport connecting through Sioux Gateway Airport that crashed shortly after takeoff. The plane ...

TWA Flight 15A

TWA Flight 15A, a Douglas DC-2 operated by Transcontinental and Western Airways, crashed into a gully in Clifton, Pennsylvania, now Upper Saint Clair, a suburb approximately 7 miles south of Pittsburgh. The crash occurred at approximately 6:40 p. ...

TWA Flight 840

TWA Flight 840 was a regularly scheduled Trans World Airlines flight. The flight was twice attacked by Palestinian terrorists: TWA Flight 840 hijacking, a hijacking in 1969 TWA Flight 840 bombing, a bombing in 1986

Regional Elite Airline Services

Regional Elite Airline Services, which began operations on September 27, 2009, was a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines that combined all airport ticket counter, gate, tower coordination, and ramp handling duties for Comair, Compass Airli ...

Midwest Express Airlines (2019)

Midwest Express Airlines is a U.S based airline operating from Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport led by Greg Aretakis, aviation industry veteran and former VP at Midwest Airlines. On August 28, 2019, the company announced its initial plan ...

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