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Highway 44 (Israel)

Highway 44 is an arterial road in central Israel. It connects Tel Aviv-Yafo and Holon to Ramla, Lod and the Shefela. It is numbered as a north–south road and follows a north-west to south-east path.

Highway 45 (Israel)

Highway 45 is the official designation of a 3.3 km stretch of road forming a continuous connection between Route 443 from the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area and Highway 50 to central Jerusalem and a 1.4 km spur serving the Atarot Industrial Park.

Highway 46 (Israel)

Highway 46 is a short highway in central Israel. The road, just 4 km long, was created in order to bypass the portion of Highway 40 that crosses the aviation industrial zone near Ben Gurion International Airport, a section of road that suffers fr ...

Highway 55 (Israel)

Highway 55 is an east-west highway in central Israel. Its Western terminus is in Kfar Saba, and it continues east to Nablus. Much of the road follows the eastern section of the "Aphek Ascent", an ancient east-west trade route connecting the Via M ...

Highway 57 (Israel and Palestine)

Highway 57 is an east–west highway through central Israel and the West Bank. In the past, it was an uninterrupted road from Netanya, a city on the Mediterranean coast in the west, to Damia Bridge across the Jordan River in the east. The road exis ...

Highway 65 (Israel)

Highway 65 is a major highway in northern Israel. It connects Hadera with the Galilee. This road is the shortest and simplest way to connect these two major regions. Historically, people traveled on or near this route for thousands of years from ...

Highway 66 (Israel)

Highway 66 is a north-south highway in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. It extends along the eastern lowlands below the Menashe Heights and the Carmel. It is 20 km long. In the past the road continued south to Jenin, but today it ends at Ta ...

Highway 70 (Israel)

Highway 70 is a highway, 76 km in length, running through the Western Galilee region in the Northern District of Israel. It connects the Mount Carmel region east of Zikhron Yaakov to the Lower Galilee, Kiryat Ata, and Shlomi near Israels border w ...

Highway 71 (Israel)

Highway 71 is an east-west highway that passes through the eastern Jezreel Valley and the Beit Shean Valley, below the north slopes of the Gilboa mountains, in northern Israel. The road follows a path parallel to the Harod Creek in Harod Valley a ...

Highway 73 (Israel)

Highway 73 is a highway in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. It proceeds from Nahalal junction in the west toward Adashim junction in the east. It is 12 km long.

Highway 75 (Israel)

Highway 75 is an east-west highway in northern Israel. It runs from Haifa in the west to Nazareth and Nazareth Illit in the east. It is 40 km long, and runs concurrently with Highway 70 for 4 km between Yagur Junction and Haamakim Junction.

Highway 77 (Israel)

Highway 77 is an east-west highway in northern Israel. It crosses the Lower Galilee in the region of the Beit Netofa Valley. The road leads from the Tel Qashish Interchange nearby Yokneam Illit to Tiberias. It is 48 km long. Its western section, ...

Highway 79 (Israel)

Highway 79 is an east-west highway in northern Israel. It crosses the Zevulun Valley and the western Lower Galilee. The road leads from Kiryat Bialik to Mashhad north of Nazareth. It is 27 km long.

Highway 80 (Israel)

Highway 80 is a north-south highway in southern Israel, east of Beersheba. It connects Ararat an-Naqab in the south to Metzadot Yehuda in the north. It is 34 km long.

Highway 85 (Israel)

Highway 85 is an east-west highway in Northern Israel. It is one of the most important roads through the Galilee, connecting the western Galilee with the Eastern Galilee. The road begins in Akko on the west coast of Israel and ends in the east ju ...

Highway 89 (Israel)

Highway 89 is a major east–west highway in the Upper Galilee and Western Galilee in northern Israel. It begins in the west in Nahariya and continues east to Maalot-Tarshiha, Safed, Hatzor HaGlilit and Rosh Pina, crossing the entire Galilee. It is ...

Highway 90 (Israel–Palestine)

Highway 90 is the longest Israeli road, at about 480 kilometres, and stretches from Metula and the northern border with Lebanon, along the western side of the Sea of Galilee, through the Jordan River Valley, along the western bank of the Dead Sea ...

Highway 92 (Israel)

Highway 92 is a north-south highway in northeastern Israel. It follows the eastern edge of the Kinneret from Maagan junction in the south at Highway 98 to Yehudiya junction in the north at Highway 87. It is 24 km long.

Route 171 (Israel)

Route 171 is a regional east-west road in southern Israel. It is the only east-west road in the Negev Mountains. It is 33 km long. It goes from Mount Harif junction on Highway 10 adjacent to Israels border with Egypt to HaRuhot junction with High ...

Route 227 (Israel)

Route 227 in Israel is a 34-kilometre road in the eastern Negev desert. It starts from an intersection with Route 206 in the northwest and ends in Ir Ovot in the southeast, intersecting with Highway 90. It has one at-grade intersection at 19 km. ...

Route 264 (Israel)

Route 264 is a north-south regional highway in southern Israel. It connects Highway 25 at HaNasi junction with Highway 40 at Kama junction. It is 14.5 km long.

Route 411 (Israel)

Route 411, is the designation of a regional route in the Shephelah region in Israel running southeasterly consolidating previous local roads and new construction. The western section begins at Highway 42 near Kfar Gevirol in western Rehovot and c ...

Route 412 (Israel)

Highway-Route 412, is a regional road in the south-east of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area in Israel. The road connects Bilu Junction south of Rehovot, with Yehud Maarav Junction, running through Rehovot, Ness Ziona, Rishon LeZion and Beit Dagan a ...

Route 431 (Israel)

Highway 431, is a suburban freeway in the south of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area in Israel. The freeway connects the Ayalon Highway in the west with Highway 1 in the east. It then continues east into Modiin as a local road. The freeway has six l ...

Route 471 (Israel)

Highway 471, commonly called Maccabit Road, is a suburban expressway in the center of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area in Israel. The expressway connects Highway 4 in the west with Route 444 in the east. It is part of a road system planned to provi ...

Route 531 (Israel)

Route 531, is a suburban freeway in the southern Sharon region of Israel, just north of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area. The highway begins at Highway 6 and terminates at the Ayalon Highway with an extension to the Coastal Highway. The highways ea ...

Route 864 (Israel)

Route 864 is a north-south regional highway in the Galilee in northern Israel. It begins in the south at Rameh junction with Highway 85 and ends in the north at Hosen junction with Highway 89.

Route 866 (Israel)

Route 866 is a north-south regional highway in northern Israel. It begins at Hananya junction with Highway 85 in the south and ends at Meron junction with Highway 89 in the north.

Route 886 (Israel)

At 4 km, it passes the Ramat Dalton Industrial Park. At 13 km, it meets an entrance road to the west to Dishon. The route begins in the south at Ein Zeitim junction with Highway 89 Ein Zeitim. At 8 km, it meets an entrance road to the east to Alm ...

Route 888 (Israel)

Route 888 is a north-south regional highway in northern Israel. It begins at Beit Tzida junction with Highway 87 and ends at Beit HaMekhes junction with Highway 91.

Route 899 (Israel)

Route 899 is an east-west regional highway in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel. For almost its entire length of 63 km it proceeds parallel to the nearby border between Israel and Lebanon. In Israel, Route 899 is commonly known as the "highway ...

Route 918 (Israel)

From south to north: Gadot junction next to Gadot with Highway 91 Gonen junction next to Gonen with Route 959 Hurshat Tal junction near HaGoshrim and Dafna, with Highway 99. Access road turning east to Shamir kibbutz Lehavot HaBashan junction nex ...

Strada dellAssietta

The Strada dellAssietta, also known as Strada Provinciale 173 del Colle dellAssietta, is a 34 km-long dirt road between Sestriere and the SP 172 at Pian dellAlpe, near the Colle delle Finestre. The road is almost entirely above 2000 metres altitu ...

Highway 2000

Highway 2000 is a highway connecting Kingston, with Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, passing through the parishes of St. Catherine, Saint Ann, Manchester and proposed sections through St. James, Saint Elizabeth, Westmoreland, Hanover. The highway is op ...

Roads in Jamaica

The road network in Jamaica consists of almost 21.000 kilometres of roads, of which over 15.000 kilometres is paved. The numbering scheme used covers freeways, primary roads, secondary roads, parochial roads and unclassified roads.

Highway 5 (Jordan)

Highway 5 is the easternmost north–south highway in Jordan. It starts at Safawi, from Iraq Highway in the north and ends at the Saudi Arabian border at Mudawwara in the south.

Highway 10 (Jordan)

Highway 10 is the northernmost East-West highway in Jordan. it starts at Karameh Border Crossing, from Freeway 1 on Iraqs border in the east and ends at Shuna al-Shomaliya with a junction with Highway 65 in the west after passing through Mafraq a ...

Highway 15 (Jordan)

Highway 15 in Jordan is also known as the Desert Highway runs in Jordan south to north. It starts in Aqaba going north east towards Maan, passing through the desert to the east of the major settlements in the southern region of Jordan. It then me ...

Highway 25 (Jordan)

Highway 25, is a north–south highway in Jordan. It starts in at the Syrian border north of Irbid, on the road to Daraa and passes through Zarqa before going into Greater Amman Municipality, passing east of the city proper.

Highway 30 (Jordan)

Highway 30 is an East-West Highway in Jordan. It starts at Saudi Arabias border at Umari and connects it to Zarqa and Amman. Then it continues further west passing through Salt and ending in the western end of the country on Highway 65.

Highway 35 (Jordan)

Highway 35, also known as the Kings Highway, is a north–south highway in Jordan. It starts in at the Syrian border north of Irbid and leads to Highway 15 in the Maan Governorate.

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