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Aix-en-Provence Aerodrome

Aix-en-Provence Aerodrome, also known as Aix les Milles Airport, is an airport serving Aix-en-Provence, a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhone department of the Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur region of France. It is located 6 km west-southwest of Aix-en-Pr ...

La Royante

La Royante is a bastide located in the town of Aubagne in Provence, between Cassis and Aix-en-Provence on the south side of Garlaban mountain. It displays typical 18th-century Provençal architecture including a remarkable Gothic chapel. Mentioned ...

Chateau de Ners

The Chateau de Ners is a ruined castle standing on a hill dominating the valley of the Pichauris. It is located north east of the town of Allauch in the commune of Allauch in the Bouches-du-Rhone departement of France.

Abbey of St John the Baptist, Falaise

The Abbey of St John the Baptist, in the diocese of Seez, in Falaise, Normandy, was an Augustinian abbey for Premonstratensian Canons and hospital founded in 1127 by Goinfrid.

Chateau de Taillebourg

The Chateau de Taillebourg is a ruined castle from the medieval era. It is built on a rocky outcrop, overlooking the village of Taillebourg and the valley of the Charente River, in the Charente-Maritime department of France. It commanded a very s ...

Chateau de Font-Moreau

The Chateau de Font-Moreau is a ruined castle in the commune of Plou in the Cher departement of France. The remains consist of the exterior fortifications, the keep and a tower. It dates from the 14th century.

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport, formerly "Campo dell’Oro Airport", is the main airport serving Ajaccio on the French island of Corsica. It is located in Ajaccio, a commune of the departement of Southern Corsica, 5 km east of the harbour. The ...

Figari–Sud Corse Airport

Figari–Sud Corse Airport or Figari South Corsica Airport is an airport located 3 km northwest of Figari, a commune of the Corse-du-Sud departement in France, on the island of Corsica and 25 km of Porto-Vecchio. It is the third largest airport on ...

Holy Trinity Church, Ajaccio

Anglican Church, officially the Holy Trinity Church of Ajaccio is located in the "Quartier des etrangers" in Ajaccio, Corsica.

Senoueix Bridge

The Senoueix bridge is a small arch of stones, which are the remains of a bridge. It is also sometimes known under the name: "the Roman bridge", but its Roman origin is doubtful. It was probably built in the 16th or 17th century. A bridge might h ...

Bergerac Dordogne Perigord Airport

Bergerac Dordogne Perigord Airport is an airport serving Bergerac, a commune of the Dordogne department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France. The airport is located 3 kilometres south-southeast of Bergerac. It is also known as Bergerac-Roum ...

Le Breuil-Benoit Abbey

Le Breuil-Benoit Abbey is a former Cistercian abbey in Marcilly-sur-Eure in the Eure department of Upper Normandy, France. It is located around 10 km to the west of Dreux, on the left bank of the River Eure.

Carrousel de Baronville

The Carrousel de Baronville is a group of buildings located in the hamlet of Baronville, close to the towns of Beville-le-Comte and Oinville-sous-Auneau, in France. The name refers to the chateau de Baronville, and to the equestrian vocation of t ...

Nimes–Ales–Camargue–Cevennes Airport

Nimes Airport or Nimes–Ales–Camargue–Cevennes Airport is an airport located 9 km south-southeast of the city of Nimes, in the village of Saint-Gilles near Garons, France. It is also known as Garons Airport or Nimes Garons Airport. The airport ser ...

Cordeliers Cloister (Saint-Emilion)

The Cordeliers cloister is situated in France, at the heart of the medieval town of Saint-Emilion in the Gironde area. It is one of the town’s most emblematic and picturesque sites, containing a monolithic church. A listed Historical Monument and ...

Savines Bridge

The Savines Bridge is a 924m concrete viaduct in Savines-le-Lac, in the Provence Alps and Prealps of south-east France, built in 1960. It crosses a reservoir of the Durance river.

Narrowflower lupine

Lupinus angustiflorus is a species of lupine known by the common name narrowflower lupine. It is endemic to California, where it grows in the volcanic soils of the northeastern mountains and Modoc Plateau. It is an erect perennial herb sometimes ...

Chartreuse du Liget

Chartreuse of Liget was a monastery of hermit-monks of the Carthusians order in France, founded in 1178 in Touraine by Henry II, Count of Anjou and King of England, in atonement for the murder of Thomas Becket committed on his command. The Liget ...

La Mabiliere

La Mabiliere is the property of an old farm in Courcoue, near Richelieu, in Indre-et-Loire department in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France, which was formerly a castle, manor and noble house. The estate is first mentioned in 14th-century d ...

Alpes–Isere Airport

Alpes–Isere Airport or Aeroport Alpes–Isere, is an international airport serving Grenoble which is situated 2.5 km north-northwest of Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs and 40 km west-northwest of Grenoble, both communes in the Isere, departement of F ...

Notre-Dame des Neiges, LAlpe dHuez

Notre-Dame des Neiges is a church in the municipality of Alpe dHuez, built in the twentieth century and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Couvent des Jacobins (Saint-Sever)

The Couvent des Jacobins was a Jacobin monastery in the French town of Saint-Sever - Jacobin was the French term for the Dominican Order. It was classed as a historic monument on 6 January 1971.

Hambye Abbey

Hambye abbey is a Benedictine medieval monastery located in the countryside of Normandy. It lies in the valley of Sienne in a rural preserved environment. Today it is on the territory of the municipality of Hambye.

Reims – Prunay Aerodrome

Reims – Prunay Aerodrome is an airfield serving the city of Reims. It is located 10 km east-southeast of Reims, near Prunay, both communes in the Marne department in the Grand Est region in northeastern France. It is a class D aerodrome open to g ...

Natal Mahogany

Trichilia emetica is a tree in the family Meliaceae. It is commonly known as the Natal mahogany. The Natal-mahogany is an evergreen tree, with handsome glossy dark green leaves and a wide spreading crown. Its sweet-scented flowers attracts bees a ...

Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport

Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport is an airport serving the French city of Clermont-Ferrand. It is located 6.7 km east of the city, in Aulnat, both communes of the Puy-de-Dome department in the Auvergne region of France, in the middle of France. ...

Saint-Yan Airport

Saint-Yan Airport, also known as Charolais Bourgogne Sud Airport, is an airport in Saint-Yan, a commune of the Saone-et-Loire department in the Burgundy region of France. A campus of the Ecole nationale de laviation civile is located on the airport.

Albert – Picardie Airport

Albert – Picardie Airport, sometimes referred to as Albert – Picardy Airport, is an airport serving Albert, a commune of the Somme department in the Picardy region of northern France. The airport is located 4 km southeast of Albert, in Bray-sur-S ...

Chateau de Bruyeres

The castle was built during the 10th century by the Duke of Lorraine, on a small hill. According to the local history, the site has been fortified in the 6th century by a son of Clodio, King of the Franks. Around 1178, Frederick I, Duke of Lorrai ...

Auxerre – Branches Aerodrome

Auxerre – Branches Aerodrome is an airport serving Auxerre and Branches, both communes of the Yonne department in the Bourgogne region of France. The airport is located 8.5 km northwest of Auxerre and approximately 4 km southeast of Branches.

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