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Richardsons Geranium

Geranium richardsonii is a species of geranium known by the common name Richardsons geranium. It is native to western North America from Alaska to New Mexico, where it can be found in a number of habitats, especially mountains and forests. This i ...


Asonance was founded at Jan Neruda Grammar School in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in late 1976. Former members of the group include Jan and Pavel Lasťovicka, Milan Sterba, and Frantisek Korecky. They began by playing folk and country songs. 1977 Eva F ...


The Czech folk and tramping music group Brontosauei was founded in 1972 by brothers Jan and Frantisek Nedved. It was the successor of the former band Toronto, based in the town of Jilove u Prahy. Thanks to the expressive creativity of the Nedved ...


Čechomor is a Czech band that performs traditional songs in rock arrangements. They were reportedly a favourite band of Czech playwright and former president Vaclav Havel.

Spiritual kvintet

Spiritual kvintet is a Czech folk band formed in 1960 by Jiei Tichota and others. Its importance for the Czech public can be compared with the Weavers for the US. They are widely considered one of the best and most important Czech folk bands, and ...


Trad.Attack! is an Estonian band. The band consists of Sandra Vabarna, Jalmar Vabarna, and Tõnu Tubli. They perform in Estonian.

Hyperborea (band)

Hyperborea is a folk music group, comprising four Finnish musicians. They are: Piia Kleemola - fiddle, viola, kantele, vocals Paula Susitaival - fiddle, keyed fiddle nyckelharpa, vocals Petri Prauda - cittern, mandolin, bagpipes, vocals Antti Paa ...

Besh o droM

Besh o droM is a Balkan music group. Their music blends folk and contemporary instruments, but its real meaning is ’follow your path, get on with it’. It is also wordplay in Hungarian meaning ’I am rolling.’ a joint. They have made a special appe ...

Fono Folk Band

Fono Folk Band was founded in 1997 in Budapest. Its members are musicians from around Hungary and its various historical regions such as the Hungarian-minority areas of Slovakia and Ukraine, who have devoted their careers to performing, teaching ...


Kalaka is a folk music group formed in Budapest, Hungary on November 26, 1969. The founding members are Daniel Gryllus, Vilmos Gryllus, Istvan Miko and Balazs Radvanyi. Later Miko was replaced by Peter Dabasi who in turn was replaced by Peter Huz ...

Tarkany Muvek

Tarkany Muvek are a group of Hungarian traditional and jazz musicians from Budapest, Hungary. Their sound welds traditional Hungarian folk with classical music and avant garde jazz, more recently with reggae and rock.

Hedva and David

Hedva and David was an Israeli singing duo, comprising Hedva Amrani and David Rosenthal. In 1970, the duo won first place at the Yamaha Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan, with the song "I Dream of Naomi", which sold more than a million copies in its ...

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