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T 53-class destroyer

The T 53 class were the second group of destroyers built for the French Navy after World War II. These ships were a modified version of the T 47-class destroyers. The main difference with the preceding ships was the provision of improved air warn ...

Audace-class destroyer

The Audace -class destroyers were two guided missile destroyers built for the Italian Navy during the Cold War. An improvement of the Impavido class, these ships were designed for area air defence and also had a heavy gun armament. They were fitt ...

Impetuoso-class destroyer

The Impetuoso class were the first post-World War II destroyers built for the Italian Navy. The hull design was based on the uncompleted Comandante -class destroyers but American equipment was used. A scheme to install guided missiles during a mo ...

Ondatra-class landing craft

The vessels were built by the Azovskiy Shipyard, Rybinsk Shipyard and Vladivostok Shipyard. Over 40 vessels of this type were built for service with the Soviet and Russian navies, and additional vessels were built for export. The vessels are desi ...

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