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The Al-Tammuz missile was an Iraqi project to design a SSM based on scud technology that could deliver a payload of at least 1000 kg to a distance of 1200 km. The missile was a potential delivery system that could have helped Iraq to deliver nuclear payloads.


ⓘ Scud missiles

  • Scud is the name of a series of tactical ballistic missiles developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was exported widely to both Second and
  • in the world. It witnessed Egypt launch three Scud missiles against Israeli targets. One of the missiles was fired at Arish and the others at the Israeli
  • ballistic missile initially developed by the Soviet Union. It is also known by its NATO reporting name SS - 1C Scud - B. It is one of several Soviet missiles to
  • at the towns of Dezful and Ahvaz. Iran responded with Scud - Bs obtained from Libya. These missiles can hit a target 185 miles away, therefore key Iraqi
  • entire ballistic missiles to Yemen, suggesting the Burkan - 2 is a Scud modified in Yemen for longer range. The Burkan - 2H is a member of the Scud family. Analysts
  • tactical ballistic missile derived from the Soviet R - 17 Elbrus missile It is one of several missiles with the NATO reporting name Scud North Korea obtained
  • foundation of the long - range Iranian missile program. During the Iran Iraq War, Iran purchased Scud - B missiles from Libya, Syria and North Korea Hwasong - 5
  • tactical ballistic missile It is also known by its NATO reporting name SS - 1b Scud - A. It was the first of several similar Soviet missiles to be given the
  • ballistic missile It is derived from the Hwasong - 5, itself a derivative of the Soviet R - 17 Elbrus. It carries the NATO reporting name Scud Work on an
  • to Pyongyang to finalize a 2.7 billion dollar purchase of around 300 Scud missiles from North Korea. Around the same time, the Iranian delegation came
  • Scud Race stylized as SCUD Race, Sport Car Ultimate Drive and known as Sega Super GT in North America, is an arcade racing video game released by
  • Burqan 1 is a mobile short - range ballistic missile used by the Houthis in Yemen. It is related to the Scud missile family. Houthi forces unveiled the Burkan - 1
  • The Namp o Kangsŏ Missile Factory North Korean 남포시강서구역미싸일공장, South Korean 남포시강서구역미사일공장 is a factory reportedly manufacturing the Scud and Taepodong - 2
  • over 40 Iraqi Scud missiles but those claims became a source of controversy. The system was successfully used against Iraqi missiles in 2003 Iraq War
  • Scud refers to a series of tactical ballistic missiles developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Scud or SCUD may also refer to: Scud crustacean
  • Shahab - 1 missile It is based on the North Korean Hwasong - 6 modified version of the Scud C On November 2, 2006, Iran fired unarmed missiles to begin
  • Ababil - 100. The missile was essentially a scaled - down Scud though parts were mostly derived from the Russian SA - 2 Guideline surface - to - air missile The first
  • on BBC World Service. Some journalists gave it the nickname Scud FM from the Scud missiles used by Iraqi forces in the war. The long - term impact of Radio
  • with R - 11 Zemlya SS - 1B Scud A tactical ballistic missiles and later would receive updated R - 17 Elbrus SS - 1C Scud B missiles The brigade s first commander
  • launch missiles rockets with warheads essentially a form of rocket artillery. Such a vehicle may transport one or multiple missiles The missile vehicle
  • northern Ukraine, armed with R - 11 Scud missiles Two years later, the brigade was rearmed with R - 17 Elbrus missiles The 232nd Battalion was deployed
  • total of 42 ballistic missiles 20 short - range Scud - type missiles with a range of 300 - 1, 000 km, 10 medium - range No Dong missiles that can fly 1, 300 - 1
  • Tactical ballistic missiles fill the gap between conventional rocket artillery and longer - range short - range ballistic missiles Tactical missiles can carry heavy
  • are part of the wider grouping of theatre ballistic missiles which includes any ballistic missile with a range of less than 3, 500 km. China, Republic
  • anti - ballistic missile ABM is a surface - to - air missile designed to counter ballistic missiles see missile defense Ballistic missiles are used to deliver
  • with Scud missile attacks against IDF bases, and also it will retaliate against future strikes on Syrian civilian targets by firing Scud missiles at the
  • missiles including the Scud B and Scud C, and is now able to produce SCUD type missiles on its own, such as the R - 17E, a variant of the Russian Scud B
  • This list of missiles by country displays the names of missiles in order of the country where they originate were developed with the countries listed
  • Iran had only non - native Scud missiles with an operational range limited to 300 kilometers, Moghaddam set up a long - range missile program and designed a
  • his paper. Nevertheless, as he was leaving the site, a new round of Scud missiles fell about 200 meters from the bazaar. Ependiyev suffered severe shrapnel

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