ⓘ Selkirk Member. The Red River Formation is a stratigraphical unit of Late Ordovician age in the Williston Basin. It takes the name from the Red River of the Nor ..


ⓘ Selkirk Member

The Red River Formation is a stratigraphical unit of Late Ordovician age in the Williston Basin.

It takes the name from the Red River of the North, and was first described in outcrop in the Tyndall Stone quarries and along the Red River Valley by A.F. Foerste in 1929.


1. Lithology


The Red River Formation is composed of the following subdivisions from top to base:

  • Cat Head Member: cherty dolomite, becoming calcareous to the south
  • Fort Garry Member: crystalline and micritic dolomite with an argillaceous dolomite breccia in the middle
  • Dog Head Member: fossiliferous dolomitic limestone
  • Selkirk Member: fossiliferous, dolomitic limestone

2. Distribution

The Red River Formation reaches a maximum thickness of 215 metres 710 ft in the center of the Williston Basin. At the along the Manitoba outcrop belt, it is 150 metres 490 ft thick and thins out northwards.


3. Relationship to other units

The Red River Formation is slightly unconformably overlain by the Stony Mountain Formation and sharply overlays the Winnipeg Formation in Manitoba, the Deadwood Formation in western Saskatchewan and the Canadian Shield in northern Manitoba.

The lower Red River Formation is equivalent to the Yeoman Formation, while the Fort Garry Member correlates with the Herald Formation.

  • The Red River Colony or Selkirk Settlement was a colonization project set up in 1811 by Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk, on 300, 000 square kilometres
  • The Red River Rebellion or the Red River Resistance, Red River uprising, or First Riel Rebellion was the sequence of events that led up to the 1869
  • The Red River flood of 1997 was a major flood that occurred in April and May 1997 along the Red River of the North in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Southern
  • The Chugwater Formation is a mapped bedrock unit consisting primarily of red sandstone, in the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado in the United States
  • The Red River Showdown, more commonly called the Red River Shootout, or alternatively the Red River Classic, the Red River Rivalry, or the Oklahoma Texas
  • Blindman River paskapoo means blind man in Cree It was first described from outcrops along that river near its confluence with the Red Deer River north
  • Redknife Formation is a stratigraphical unit of Devonian age in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. It takes the name from Redknife River a tributary
  • Mountain Formation and conformably overlays the Yeoman Formation It can be correlated with the Fort Garry Member of the Red River Formation in Manitoba
  • The Chinle Formation is an Upper Triassic continental geologic formation of fluvial, lacustrine, and palustrine to eolian deposits spread across the U
  • process catch from Red Deer Lake. There is also coal exploration in the area as well, targeting the Mannville Formation The Red Deer River arises in east
  • Together, these three formations can result in immense vertical cliffs of 2, 000 feet 610 m or more. Kayenta layers are typically red to brown in color

  • subdivisions of the formation or alternatively called group, are named after the villages, rivers canyons and hills in the basin. The Tremp Formation is a marginally
  • Eucalyptus camaldulensis, commonly known as the river red gum, is a tree that is endemic to Australia. It has smooth white or cream - coloured bark, lance - shaped
  • The Rove Formation is a sedimentary rock formation of Middle Precambrian age underlying the upper northeastern part of Cook County, Minnesota, United
  • Givetian The Dawson Bay Formation is the lower part of the Manitoba Group. It is of Givetian age and consists of red shale the Second Red Bed and a sequence
  • The Red Cossacks Ukrainian: Червоне козацтво, Russian: Червонное казачество was a military formation of Bolsheviks and the Soviet government of Ukraine
  • southwestern Alberta around the Red Deer and Oldman Rivers the middle carbonaceous shale unit is absent and the formation consists of white - weathering
  • Shaximiao Formation is also known as the Xiashaximiao Formation Both subunits primarily consist of purple - red mudstones, with variable sand inclusion. and siltstones
  • describe very large Asian river deltas, such as the Yangtze, Pearl, Red Mekong, Irrawaddy, Ganges - Brahmaputra, and Indus. The formation of a delta is complicated
  • lakes and river sediments. The familiar red colour of these rocks arises from the presence of iron oxide but not all the Old Red Sandstone is red or sandstone
  • rock formations and preserving dinosaur footprints and early deciduous tree leaves. F.B. Meek and F.V. Hayden first used Dakota to name the red sandstone
  • of the rocks, the Elliot Formation is colloquially referred to as the Red Beds in older literature. The Elliot Formation is dominated by mudstones
  • The Red Main German: Roter Main or Rotmain is a river in southern Germany. It is the southern, left headstream of the River Main. It rises in the hills
  • from the Judith River Formation Bearpaw Shale, Claggett Shale, and Eagle Sandstone. Across the Canada US border, the Two Medicine Formation correlates to
  • Smoky River close to the confluence with the Puskwaskau River by F.H. McLearn in 1926. The formation is 170 meters 560 ft thick in the Peace River and
  • the Ireton Formation except in the Peace River Arch, where it rests on the Precambrian basement. It is correlated with the Birdbear Formation and part
  • The John Day Formation is a series of rock strata exposed in the Picture Gorge district of the John Day River basin and elsewhere in north - central Oregon
  • Geologic Units. Shaftesbury Formation Retrieved 2009 - 02 - 11. Lexicon of Canadian Geologic Units. Peace River Formation Archived from the original
  • formations The Bearpaw Formation conformably overlies the Dinosaur Park Formation of the Belly River Group in central Alberta, and the Judith River Formation
  • remove all Cenozoic - aged formations and cut gorges into the plateaus. Zion Canyon was cut by the North Fork of the Virgin River in this way. Lava flows

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