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Xu Changs rebellion

From 172 to 174, the religious leader Xu Chang led a major uprising against the Han dynasty of China in the Kuaiji Commandery. Having proclaimed himself emperor while restoring the ancient state of Yue, Xu and his followers initially proved successful and overran much of Kuaiji. The Han central government consequently appointed Zhang Min as commander of the local pro-government forces and mobilized soldiers from across Yang Province. In late 174, the insurgents were finally destroyed.


ⓘ Cheng Han

  • The Cheng Han simplified Chinese: 成汉 traditional Chinese: 成漢 pinyin: Chenghàn 303 or 304 - 347 was a state of the Sixteen Kingdoms during the Jin Dynasty
  • Cheng of Han 51 BC 17 April 7 BC was an emperor of the Chinese Han dynasty ruling from 33 until 7 BC. He succeeded his father Emperor Yuan of Han
  • Dong Cheng died 200 was a military general who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. He was also the father of Lady Dong, a concubine
  • The Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum Chinese: 李鄭屋古墓 is composed of a brick tomb E. Han or slightly later and an exhibition hall adjacent to it. It is
  • Han Cheng died 206 BC also known as Han Wang Cheng in some Chinese historical texts, was a ruler of the Kingdom of Han 韓國 of the Eighteen Kingdoms
  • Zhongjuan 仲雋 formally Emperor Wu of Cheng Han 成 漢 武帝 was the first emperor of the Chinese Ba - Di state Cheng Han and commonly regarded as its founder
  • Cheng Yuk Han Bjork Chinese: 鄭玉嫻 Jyutping: zeng6 juk6 haan4 born 21 June 1980 is a fencer from Hong Kong, China who won a bronze medal at the 2002
  • Prix tournament Players: Han Chengkai bwfbadminton.com. Badminton World Federation. Retrieved 11 September 2016. 韩呈恺 Han Cheng Kai www.badmintoncn.com
  • Zhang Cheng died c. 215 courtesy name Gongxian, was an official serving under the warlord Cao Cao during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. Zhang
  • Albert Cheng born in Hong Kong on 3 July 1946 is a Hong Kong radio host, businessman, politician and a Fellow of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • Cheng may refer to: Chengjia or Cheng 25 36 AD Cheng Han or Cheng 304 338 Zheng state or Cheng in Wade Giles Chengdu, abbreviated as Cheng Cheng
  • housing estate, Lei Cheng Uk Estate. At the beginning of the construction, a Han tomb was found there and named as Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb which later
  • Duke You of Qiongdu 邛都幽公 was an emperor of the Chinese Ba - Di state Cheng Han He seized the throne after his brother Li Yue 李越 assassinated their
  • Dong Cheng may refer to: Dong Cheng Han Dynasty died 200 general of the Chinese Han Dynasty Dong Cheng boxer born 1986 Chinese female boxer Dongcheng
  • the Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum. Lei Cheng Uk Public housing estates in Cheung Sha Wan Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum Lei Cheng Uk Estate Lei Cheng Uk Estate
  • the Sixteen Kingdoms, known as Han 漢 before 319 Cheng Han 成漢 304 347 one of the Sixteen Kingdoms, known as Han 漢 after 338 Former Shu 前蜀 907 925
  • Cheng Yu 141 December 223 originally named Cheng Li, courtesy name Zhongde, was an official who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China
  • Zhang Cheng may refer to: Zhang Cheng Han dynasty 張承 died c. 218 courtesy name Gongxian, an official of the late Eastern Han dynasty Zhang Cheng Three
  • Cheng Ji or Ji Cheng may refer to: People with the surname Cheng Cheng Ji Shu Han died 222 Han dynasty military officer who later served Shu Han
  • Cheng Ji died 222 courtesy name Jiran, was a military officer of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He previously served
  • Liu Cheng may refer to: Liu Sheng Southern Han 920 958 Southern Han emperor, also known as Liu Cheng Liu Cheng footballer born 1983 Chinese
  • Cheng Pu, general serving under the warlord Sun Quan in the late Eastern Han dynasty Cheng Qian, a Chinese military general in the late 1910s Cheng Wei - hao
  • the escort of Yang Feng, Dong Cheng and the White Wave bandits. In recognition of their contributions, he appointed Han Xian as General - in - Chief 大將軍
  • Emperor Ai of Han 27 BC 15 August 1 BC was an emperor of the Chinese Han dynasty. He ascended the throne when he was 20, having been made heir by his
  • Anne Cheng born 11 July 1955 is a French Sinologist who teaches at the College de France and specializes in Chinese history and the history of Chinese
  • Ning Cheng fl. 2nd and 1st centuries BC was an official of the western Han dynasty under Emperors Jing and Wu. He was known for his harsh application
  • Chi Cheng born March 15, 1944 in Hsinchu, Japanese Taiwan is a Taiwanese track and field athlete. She was an Olympic medalist in 1968 and was named
  • distinguish between the Han state of the Warring States period and the Han dynasty, the former is referred to as Han while Han is reserved for the latter
  • Duke Cheng of Qin Chinese: 秦成公 pinyin: Qin Cheng Gōng, died 660 BC was from 663 to 660 BC the thirteenth ruler of the Zhou Dynasty state of Qin that
  • Emperor Cheng of Jin Chinese: 晉成帝 pinyin: Jìn Cheng Dì Wade Giles: Chin Ch eng - ti December 321 or January 322 26 July 342 personal name Sima Yan

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