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Fu (surname 符)

Fu or Foo is a Chinese surname meaning" tally” in ancient Chinese, referring to the Zhou dynasty Fu. Its use as a surname derives from the post name Fu Xi Ling, which was borne by Gong Ya, grandson of Duke Qing of Lu who later migrated to Qin. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Family Names on Britain and Ireland:" This was a post held by the man in charge of the tally given by a ruler to a general to deploy troops or to an envoy as his credentials.” 142nd-most common name, shared by 0.082% of the population or 1.090.000 people, with the province with the most being Hainan.


ⓘ Later Qin

  • The Later Qin simplified Chinese: 后秦 traditional Chinese: 後秦 pinyin: Houqin 384 417 also known as Yao Qin 姚秦 was a state of Qiang ethnicity of
  • Later Qin state 384 - 417 The severe defeat of the Former Qin in the Battle of Fei River in 383 encouraged uprisings, which split the Former Qin territory
  • that the Western Qin is entirely distinct from the ancient Qin Dynasty, the Former Qin and the Later Qin All rulers of the Western Qin declared themselves
  • Qin may refer to: Qin state 秦 a major state during the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China Qin dynasty 秦 founded by the Qin state in 221 BC and ended
  • Qin Wang 秦王, King Prince of Qin or King Prince Qin may refer to: King Huiwen of Qin ruled 338 BC 311 BC, son of Duke Xiao of Qin King Wu of Qin
  • heartland in Qin state modern Gansu and Shaanxi the dynasty was founded by Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of Qin The strength of the Qin state was
  • Duke Mu of Qin died 621 BC born Renhao, was a duke of Qin 659 621 BC in the western reaches of the Zhou Kingdom during the Spring and Autumn Period
  • Qin s wars of unification were a series of military campaigns launched in the late 3rd century BC by the Qin state against the other six major Chinese
  • 張皇后, personal name unknown was an empress of the Chinese Qiang state Later Qin Her husband was Yao Xing Emperor Wenhuan Very little is known about
  • Qin Shi Huang Chinese: 秦始皇 literally: First Emperor of Qin pronunciation  help info 18 February 259 BC  10 September 210 BC was the founder of
  • The Marquis of Qin Chinese: 秦侯 pinyin: Qin Hou, died 848 BC was the second ruler of the ancient Chinese state of Qin founded when his father Feizi
  • Qin Hui or Qin Kuai January 17, 1090 November 18, 1155 was a Chinese politician. He was a Chancellor of the Song dynasty in Chinese history. He is
  • Qin Qiong died 638 courtesy name Shubao, better known as Qin Shubao, was a Chinese general who lived in the early Tang dynasty of China. Along with
  • King Zhaoxiang of Qin Chinese: 秦昭襄王 325 251 BC or King Zhao of Qin 秦昭王 born Ying Ji Chinese: 嬴稷, was the king of Qin from 306 BC to 251 BC. He
  • The Qin Empire II: Alliance is a 2012 Chinese television series adapted from Sun Haohui s novel of the same Chinese title, which romanticises the events
  • Zilue 子略 formally Emperor Wenhuan of Later Qin 後 秦文桓帝 was an emperor of the Chinese Qiang state Later Qin He was the son of the founding emperor
  • Duke Xiao of Qin Chinese: 秦孝公 pinyin: Qin Xiào Gōng, 381 338 BC given name Quliang Chinese: 渠梁 pinyin: Quliang was the ruler of the Qin state from
  • Duke Xian of Qin Chinese: 秦獻公 pinyin: Qin Xiàn Gōng, 424 362 BC was from 384 to 362 BC the 29th ruler of the Zhou Dynasty state of Qin that eventually
  • Zhuang of Qin Chinese: 秦莊公 pinyin: Qin Zhuāng Gōng, died 778 BC was from 821 to 778 BC the fifth ruler of the Zhou Dynasty state of Qin that eventually
  • personal name unknown died 389 was an empress of the Chinese Di state Former Qin Her husband was Fu Deng Emperor Gao She was the daughter of the general
  • Qin Shupei Chinese: 秦舒培 pinyin: Qin Shūpei born August 10, 1990 is a Chinese supermodel and actress. Qin Shupei was born in Kaifeng, Henan, China.
  • military losses to Later Qin his state was annexed by Later Qin and he himself became a Later Qin general. However, after Later Qin was weakened by defeats
  • King Zhuangxiang of Qin 281 247 BC personal names Yiren and Zichu, was a ruler of the Qin state during the third century BC in the Warring States period
  • Qin Jiwei simplified Chinese: 秦基伟 traditional Chinese: 秦基偉 pinyin: Qin Jīwei 16 November 1914 2 February 1997 was a general of the People s Republic
  • Duke Kang of Qin Chinese: 秦康公 pinyin: Qin Kāng Gōng, died 609 BC was from 620 to 609 BC the fifteenth ruler of the Zhou Dynasty state of Qin that eventually
  • Xian of Qin Chinese: 秦憲公 pinyin: Qin Xiàn Gōng, 725 704 BC was from 715 to 704 BC the eighth ruler of the Zhou Dynasty Chinese state of Qin that eventually
  • Prince Wenzhao of Western Qin 西 秦文昭王 was a prince of the Xianbei state Western Qin During his reign, Western Qin reached its prime after he destroyed
  • Cheng of Qin Chinese: 秦成公 pinyin: Qin Cheng Gōng, died 660 BC was from 663 to 660 BC the thirteenth ruler of the Zhou Dynasty state of Qin that eventually
  • Duke Wu of Qin Chinese: 秦武公 pinyin: Qin Wǔ Gōng, died 678 BC was from 697 to 678 BC the tenth ruler of the Zhou Dynasty state of Qin that eventually
  • Ling of Qin Chinese: 秦靈公 pinyin: Qin Ling Gōng, died 415 BC was from 424 to 415 BC the 25th ruler of the Zhou Dynasty Chinese state of Qin that eventually

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