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Wang Ching-feng (magistrate)

Wang Ching-feng is a Taiwanese politician. Wang Ching-feng sat on the Hualien County Council and was its speaker. Wang, a member of the Kuomintang, defeated Chen Yung-hsing, the Democratic Progressive Party candidate, in the 1993 Hualien County magisterial election. Wang ran for reelection against the DPPs Michael You, in 1997. Infrastructure projects focusing on flood prevention took place during his first term, including the dredging and riverbank fortification of Hualien Citys Meilun River. Meilun Hill was reclaimed and transformed into a park, which was completed in 1995. In his second ...


ⓘ Ran Wei

  • Min 石閔 posthumously honored by Former Yan as Heavenly King Wudao of Ran Wei 冉 魏武悼天王 courtesy name Yongzeng 永曾 nickname Jinu 棘奴 was a military
  • The Wei Jie war was a conflict in North China in 350 CE. Following the fall of the ethnic - Jie Later Zhao regime in 350 to the Chinese state of Ran Wei tensions
  • Ran Wei is an American actress and fashion model of Chinese descent. She is best known for her role as Cyborg C4 in Cyborgs Universe and as Soo Chin in
  • Wei 曹魏, 220 265 ruled North China during the Three Kingdoms Period Ran Wei 冉魏, 350 352 short - lived Sixteen Kingdoms period state Northern Wei 北魏
  • was the only empress of the short - lived Chinese state Ran Wei Her husband was its only emperor, Ran Min. When he proclaimed the new state in 350 after overthrowing
  • The Wei - Xianbei war was a conflict in North China in 352 CE that brought about the downfall of Ran Wei and the end of a brief period of native rule in
  • Xiaoting, Wu s rival state, Cao Wei launched a three - pronged strike on Wu s northwestern, middle, and eastern borders. Zhu Ran was sent to the northwestern
  • Ran Zhi Chinese: 冉智 died c. 354 was the crown prince of the short - lived Chinese state Ran Wei His father was the state s only emperor, Ran Min. Ran
  • The Northern Wei or the Northern Wei Empire weɪ also known as the Tuoba Wei 拓跋魏 Later Wei 後魏 or Yuan Wei 元魏 was a dynasty founded by the
  • Philosophers Ran Zhan 冉瞻 died 328 AD general of Later Zhao Ran Min died 352 Emperor of Ran Wei during the Sixteen Kingdoms period Ran Zhi died 354
  • Jiang Wei 202 3 March 264 courtesy name Boyue, was a military general of the state of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period of China. Born in Ji County
  • Wei Yanan Chinese: 魏亚楠  born 6 December 1981 in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province is a Chinese marathon runner. She won the Beijing Marathon at the age of
  • Wei Yongli Chinese: 韦永丽 born October 11, 1991 in Baise, Guangxi is a Chinese sprinter. She competed in the 100 metres competition at the 2012 Summer
  • highest - grossing film in Taiwanese film history. Wei was born and raised in Tainan. His family ran a clockmaker s shop and attended a Presbyterian church
  • William Wei Li - an Chinese: 韋禮安 pinyin: Wei lǐ - ān born 5 March 1987 is a Taiwanese Mandopop and folk - rock singer - songwriter. He gained media attention
  • Dou Wei is a Chinese musician, singer - songwriter and composer. Dou Wei is a multi - instrumentalist and produces music across many genres. He first came
  • Northern Wei 北 魏明元帝 392 423 AD Chinese name Tuoba Si 拓拔嗣 Xianbei name Mumo 木末 was an emperor of the Xianbei dynasty Northern Wei He was the
  • Chiang Wei - kuo traditional Chinese: 蔣緯國 simplified Chinese: 蒋纬国 pinyin: Jiǎng Weiguo, or Wego Chiang 6 October 1916 22 September 1997 was an adopted
  • Wei Zifu simplified Chinese: 卫子夫 traditional Chinese: 衛子夫 pinyin: Weì Zǐfū Wade Giles: Wei Tzu - fu died 91 BC posthumously known as Empress Xiaowu
  • Liang, Ran Wei and Northern Yan several founders had close relations with ethnic minorities. The father of Ran Min, the founder of the Ran Wei was adopted
  • the T.S. Taipei ran aground off the coast of Shimen District on 10 March 2016 and caused an oil spill, Wei attempted to resign. Wei suffered heart attack
  • Wei Qing died 106 BC courtesy name Zhongqing, born Zheng Qing in Linfen, Shanxi, was a famous Western Han military general acclaimed for his campaigns
  • Wei Kang died 213 courtesy name Yuanjiang, was an official who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. Wei Kang was from Jingzhao Commandery
  • Wang Wei Chinese: 王微 1597 1647 also known by her courtesy name Xiuwei Chinese: 修微 was a late - Ming dynasty Buddhist courtesan, poet, and traveller
  • him and then marched on to the Ran Wei capital Yecheng 鄴城 where Ran Min s wife Empress Dong, his crown prince Ran Zhi, and high level officials continued
  • Murong Wei Chinese: 慕容暐 350 385 courtesy name Jingmao 景茂 formally Emperor You of Former Yan 前 燕幽帝, posthumous name given by his uncle Murong
  • Chien Wei - chuan born 8 March 1971 also known as Rosa Chien, is a Taiwanese basketball coach and former player, widely considered the best female basketball
  • The Conquest of Shu by Wei was a military campaign launched by the state of Cao Wei Wei against its rival Shu Han Shu in late 263 during the Three
  • west of Chang an, while the Wu forces would attack Wei from three directions: Zhuge Jin and Zhu Ran to attack Xiangyang Lu Xun and Zhu Huan to attack
  • officer of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He initially participated in battles against Wei s rival state Eastern Wu but

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