ⓘ Transport in Kollam includes various modes of road, rail and water transportation in the city and its suburbs. State-owned Kerala State Road Transport Corporati ..


ⓘ Transport in Kollam

Transport in Kollam includes various modes of road, rail and water transportation in the city and its suburbs. State-owned Kerala State Road Transport Corporation buses, private buses, Indian Railways, state-owned Kerala State Water Transport Department boats & ferry, taxis and auto rickshaws are serving the city of Kollam. The city had a strong commercial reputation since the days of the Phoenicians and Romans. Ibn Battuta mentioned Kollam Port as one of the five Indian ports he had seen during the course of his twenty-four year travels.

Kollam is known as the Cashew capital of the world. 90% of Indias export quality Cashew Kernels are prepared from Kollam. It is the largest processed cashew exporter in the world. It is the headquarters of the Kollam District. The city of Kollam is home to the largest number of Bullet owners in India. As per the survey done by Royal Enfield in 2009, more than 60.000 bullet owners are there in Kollam city and nearly a lakh across the district. The enfield dealers in the city sells an average of 850 units every month.


1. History

City of KollamQuilon was known as the commercial capital of the Venad region comprising Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts. Kollam Seaport now known as Kollam Port was founded by Mar Abo at Thangasseri in 825. Kollams transportation have that much of historic background.


1.1. History Transportation in the past

Kollam Airport was the first aerodrome in the present day state of Kerala. During the 1920s, there were no other civil aerodromes in the kingdoms of Cochin, Travancore and the Malabar District at the time of the British ruled Madras Presidency. The airport stopped its operations when an accident involving a training aircraft at the boundary of the aerodrome, resulted in the death of the pilot and the trainee.

Kollam was the first city in South Kerala that got a rail connectivity. The first idea of a rail link from Madras to Quilon, the trading capital of the erstwhile Travancore Kingdom was conceived in 1873. Kollam–Sengottai railway line is the second railway line to come to the present day state of Kerala, the first in the native kingdom of Travancore. After a survey in 1888, work started in 1900 and was completed by 1902. The first goods train travelled on this route in 1902, while the first passenger train began its run in 1904. Before the arrival of rail networks in Trivandrum, Kings of old Travancore had used Kollam Junction railway station and Kollam Airport for their transportation needs. Kollam was the former capital of Venad Kingdom. The Madras-Quilon line was extended to the capital of the Princely State of Travancore on 4 January 1918.


1.2. History Timeline of rail transportation in Kollam

  • 2010 - On 10 May, Kollam-Punalur broad gauge section thrown open for services
  • 1918 - On 4 January, The Meter gauge line till Kollam was extended up to Chala in Thiruvananthapuram
  • 1900 - Works for Kollam–Sengottai Meter gauge railway line started to connect the City of Quilon with Madras
  • 2013 - On 1 December, Kollam MEMU Shed formally inaugurated and Maintenance Works started
  • 1899 - Survey for Quilon-Madras rail link completed
  • 1958 - On 6 January, Kottayam-Kollam line commissioned
  • 1904 - On 26 November, Passenger train service started through Kollam–Sengottai Railway line
  • 2012 - On 19 March, MEMU services on Kollam-Ernakulam route flagged off
  • 1902 - Kollam–Sengottai Railway line works completed
  • 1956 - Kottayam-Kollam Meter gauge line works started
  • 2001 - Kollam-Thiruvananthapuram broad gauge line electrified
  • 1931 - Kollam-Thiruvananthapuram Meter gauge line extended till Thiruvananthapuram Central
  • 1976 - Kollam-Thiruvananthapuram Meter gauge line converted to broad gauge and commissioned
  • 1952 - On 24 December, works for Kochi-Kollam rail line works inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India.
  • 2007 - On 1 May, Rail services on Kollam-Punalur section withdrawn
  • 2012 - On 31 November, A new MEMU service started on Kollam-Kanyakumari route
  • 1904 - On 01 June, Kollam-Punalur line was opened
  • 1998 - Gauge conversion of Kollam–Sengottai Railway line officially started
  • 2018 - On 31 March, the entire Kollam–Sengottai line thrown open for passenger train services. The first passenger train on the stretch was Tambaram-Kollam-Tambaram special train service06027/28 and is completed the service by earning Rs 3.15 lakh as passenger ticket collection from its 879 passengers against a capacity of 712.


2. Road Transportation

The city and metropolitan area are served by major arterial roads that run either in an east-west or north-south direction. The intra-city transportation is mainly carried out by private buses whereas the inter-city services are carried out by KSRTC. Kollam is one among the five KSRTC zones in Kerala.The private city bus services in Kollam were blue in colour. Now buses in Kollam follows newly introduced colour code system like rest of Kerala and hence city buses are green and other moffusil buses are blue. As per the reports, there are 681 buses plying through the roads in Kollam district. There is only one Regional Transport OfficeRTO in the city so far which is Kollam RTOKL-02. But there are 6 Sub-Regional Transport Offices in the district of Kollam: Karunagappally KL-23, Kottarakkara KL-24, Punalur KL-25, Kunnathur KL-61, Chadayamangalam KL-81, Pathanapuram KL-82.


2.1. Road Transportation Bus stations

There are two major bus stations and one bus terminal in the city.

  • City bus station, Andamukkam
  • Bus terminal, Tangasseri
  • KSRTC bus station, Cutchery

2.2. Road Transportation Roads

Kollam Metropolitan Area is a meeting point of 4 important National Highways of India. They are,

  • National Highway-183A - TItanium Jn. to Vandiperiyar via Adoor, Pathanamthitta
  • National Highway-744 - Kollam to Tirumangalam via Punalur, Tenkasi
  • National Highway-183 - Kollam to Theni via Chengannur, Kottayam
  • National Highway-66 - Thiruvananthapuram to Panvel


2.3. Road Transportation Major neighbourhoods and suburbs connected with NH-66

Kottiyam → Umayanalloor → Mevaram → Thattamala → Pazhayattinkuzhi → Pallimukku → Madannada → Polayathode → College Jn. → Railway Station → Chinnakada → Cutchery → Collectorate → Mulamkadakam → Nellimukku → Medayil Jn → Ramankulangara → Vallikeezhu → Kavanad → Aaltharamoodu → Capithans → Sakthikulangara → Neendakara


2.4. Road Transportation Major neighbourhoods and suburbs connected with NH-744

Chinnakada → Kadappakada → Randamkutty → Koickal → Kallumthazham → Moonnamkutty → Karicode → Kilikollur → Chandanathoppe → Keralapuram → Elamballoor → Kundara


2.5. Road Transportation Major neighbourhoods and suburbs connected with NH 183

Thevally → Kadavoor → Anchalumoodu → Perinad

In addition to that, some major roads like Asramam Link Road, Kollam-Paravur Coastal Road, Residency Road, Kollam Port Road, QAC Road, Kollam-Kulathupuzha road etc. are also connecting Kollam with other major cities, suburbs and towns in the state.


2.6. Road Transportation Kollam Bypass

Kollam Bypass is a road on NH 66 that bypasses CBD of Kollam City. The 13.141 km long bypass starts at Kavanad in the north to Mevaram in the south, via Aravila, Kadavoor, Kallumthazham and Ayathil. The Government of Kerala proposed the bypass in 1972 and thrown open to public in 2019. The bypass touches 3 major National Highways passing through the state.


3. Rail Transportation

Kollam Junction railway station is the major rail head of the city. It is the second largest and fourth busiest railway station in the state. Worlds second longest railway platform, which is more than 1 km long, is situated at this railway station. In a single stretch the total length is 1.180 m, which is second in the world. The station holds a MEMU Shed to manage short commuter rail services connecting the city with Ernakulam, Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Nagercoil and Kanniyakumari. The city is served by 4 railway stations. They are,

  • Eravipuram railway station
  • Kilikollur railway station
  • Chandanathoppe railway station
  • Kollam Junction railway station

3.1. Rail Transportation Railway stations in Kollam Metropolitan Area

Kollam Metropolitan Area is served by the following 10 railway stations.

  • Kilikollur railway station
  • Paravur railway station
  • Ochira railway station
  • Kollam Junction railway station
  • Chandanathoppe railway station
  • Karunagappalli railway station
  • Perinad railway station
  • Kundara railway station
  • Mayyanad railway station
  • Eravipuram railway station


3.2. Rail Transportation Suburban Rail

A new suburban rail system has been proposed by the Government of Kerala and Indian Railways on the route Thiruvananthapuram - Kollam - Haripad/Chengannur for which MRVC is tasked to conduct a study and submit a report. Ten trains, each with 7 bogies, will transport passengers back and forth along the Trivandrum-Kollam-Chengannur-Harippad section. The Suburban Corridor is modelled on the lines of the Mumbai Suburban Rail, where around 3.000 suburban trains run every day.

There is a huge potential for suburban rail that is left untapped within Kollam district. The Kollam - Punalur - Edamon section of Sengottai rail line which run parallel to busy and congested Kollam - Punalur national highway is suitable and highly viable for DEMU operations.


3.3. Rail Transportation Kollam MEMU Shed

Kollam MEMU Shed is a motive power depot facility for maintaining MEMU rakes, situated in the city of Kollam in the Indian state of Kerala. It is one of the four MEMU rake maintenance sheds serving the Southern Railway zone of the Indian Railways. Presently, 5 pairs of MEMU services are now running from Kollam Junction. The maintenance works of those rakes are regularly doing in Kollam MEMU shed.


4. Air Transportation

Currently there are no airports in the city of Kollam. However, Quilon Aerodrome at Asramam was the first aerodrome in Kerala. The first flight to Kerala landed at Kollam Asramam Airport. Now the old airport area is serving as a twin-helipad of the city, which is about 1 km away from the city center. The city is served by Trivandrum International Airport, which is about 56 kilometers from Kollam. Trivandrum International Airport is the first international airport in a non-metro city in India and the only airport in Kerala having more than 2 Terminals. Daily domestic flight services are available from Trivandrum airport to major cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi. International flight services connecting to Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Male, Doha, Singapore and Colombo are available from here. The first Amphibian Aircraft Seaplane of Kerala also landed in Kollam.


4.1. Air Transportation Kerala Seaplane Project

Kerala Seaplane was a commercial seaplane service promoted by Kerala Tourism Infrastructure Limited in the Indian state of Kerala. It was launched on 2 June 2013 at Kollam with the inaugural flight being operated by Kairali Aviation. However, commercial operations could not start due to opposition from the local fishing community. The Kerala Government was keen on restarting regular operations of the project in 2014. The service was to be the first such service in mainland India, and the second in India after Jal Hans, which operates seaplanes in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


5. Water Transportation

City of Kollam is served by boats and ferry services operated by Kerala State Water Transport Department. Kollam is one among the 6 districts served by the inland navigation water transport facilities in the Indian state of Kerala. Kollam KSWTD Boat Jetty is situated near Cutchery. Kerala State Water Transport Department is operating daily ferry services from Kollam Boat Jetty that connect city of Kollam with the suburbs like Sampranikkodi, Guhanandapuram and Pezhumthuruthu. In addition to that, the District Tourism Promotion CouncilDTPC of Kollam is running Kollam-Alappuzha boat services on alternative days of the week.


5.1. Water Transportation Kollam Port

The city of Kollam is served by Kollam Port Thangasseri Port, which is the second largest port in Kerala. Kollam Port is one of the two International Ports in Kerala. Cargo handling facility had been kicked off at Kollam Port in 2013. Foreign ships are now coming to Kollam Port regularly. The first foreign ship that reached the modern Port of Kollam after the independence of India was the MV Alina, a mammoth 145-meter vessel registered in Antigua. It anchored in the port on 4 April 2014. Nowadays foreign and domestic ships anchoring at Kollam Port is a regular scene of the city.

Kollam Port is the closest sea port in mainland to Minicoy Island of Lakshadweep, there has been many discussions on introducing cargo and passenger ships in this route. However lack of refuelling and berthing facilities in Kollam port and poor political patronage, it is a non starter.


5.2. Water Transportation Water Metro

LDF government in kerala has initiated steps in implementing water metro in Kollam. This will be the second water metro in Kerala after Kochi. This project is expected to take lesser costs than cochin and expected to complete by 2018. This will be a big boost Kollam traffic planning and tourism.

Since Kollam has the Trivandrum Shoranur canal passing north south from the city through suburbs like Eravipuram, Mayyanad, Paravur, Mundakkal, Kavanad, Chavara and Ashtamudi backwater and its branches connecting with major places along Kundara, Kallada, Perumon, Mangadu, Kallada, Thevalakkara, Munroe Island etc Water Metro can be a game changer in Kollam, if conceived, implemented effectively at the earliest.

  • Kollam KSWTD Boat Jetty or Kollam KSWTD Ferry Station is an transport hub in the city of Kollam in Kerala, India, one of 14 ferry stations owned by the
  • The Kollam Sengottai branch line formerly known as Quilon Shencottah or Quilon Chenkotta line is a railway line in South India which connects Kollam Junction
  • The Kollam Visakhapatnam Express is a weekly express train runs between Kollam Junction in Kerala and Visakhapatnam Junction in Andhra Pradesh. Visakhapatnam
  • Kollam Thiruvananthapuram trunk line is a railway line in Southern Railway zone connecting the cities of Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram in the state of
  • as a means for transport of both people and goods, as an avenue for leisure and the water even used for irrigation and drinking. Kollam Canal was an arterial
  • Kollam Port is one of the historic ports situated 4 kilometres 2.5 mi away from Downtown Kollam formerly Quilon It is the second largest port in
  • Chennai Egmore Kollam Junction Express 16101 16102, also known as the Quilon Mail is a daily train that runs between Chennai Egmore and Kollam Junction railway
  • Kollam MEMU Shed is a motive power depot facility for maintaining MEMU rakes, situated in the city of Kollam in the Indian state of Kerala. It is one
  • neighbourhood of the city of Kollam It is the 49th ward in Kollam Municipal Corporation. The place got the name Cutchery from a similar word in Malayalam: കച ച ര
  • Kollam - Paravur Coastal Road Malayalam: ക ല ല - പരവ ര ത രദ ശ റ ഡ is one of the important city roads currently under construction in Kollam city in

  • Kollam KSRTC Bus Station is an important transport hub in the Indian city of Kollam owned and operated by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation
  • Road Transport Corporation KSRTC and Indian Railways. These are the KSRTC Depots Sub Depots Operating Centres OC in the district: Kollam Chathannoor
  • town and a municipality in the Kollam district of the Indian state of Kerala. Paravur railway station is the last station in Kollam district which is on
  • Kollam Junction railway station station code: QLN is a junction station situated in the city of Kollam in Kerala, India. It is the second largest railway
  • Kollam Municipal Corporation KMC is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified civic body that governs the City of Kollam in the Indian state of Kerala. It is the fourth
  • Kollam Bypass Malayalam: ക ല ല ബ പ പ സ is a part of NH 66 that bypasses CBD of Kollam city in Kerala, India. The busy 13.141 km long bypass starts
  • Kollam Pooram Malayalam : ക ല ല പ ര is a festival held each April in Kollam City in the Indian state of Kerala. The festival attracts large number
  • This is a list of public and private educational institutions in the Kollam district of Kerala, India. ana hacker Govt. BHSS, Chavara Ayyankoyikkal HSS
  • Kollam Port Road Malayalam: ക ല ല പ ര ട ട റ ഡ or Port Road, Kollam is a four lane road in the city of Kollam India. The 2.8 - kilometre - long 1
  • Kollam G. K. Pillai was an Indian film actor in Malayalam cinema. He acted in more than 50 films. He handled character roles and comedy roles during the
  • among the 11 assembly constituencies in Kollam district. Kollam Assembly Constituency includes 19 wards of Kollam City Corporation Kureepuzha West, Kureepuzha
  • Kollam district, earlier called Quilon district, is one of the 14 districts of Kerala state, India. The district is representative of all the natural attributes
  • Kollam Cantonment originally Quilon Cantonment is a residential neighbourhood in the city of Kollam It arose as a cantonment of the British Raj in

  • Kollam or Quilon is a thickly populated city in Kerala, India. It is home to a population of more than 3.5 Lakh 350, 000 people. Kollam is a microcosm
  • Kollam ജവഹര നവ ദയ വ ദ യ ലയ, ക ല ല is a higher secondary school under the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, situated in Kottarakkara, Kollam Started
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Kollam Malayalam: ക ന ദ ര യ വ ദ യ ലയ, ക ല ല or KV Kollam is a central government owned Kendriya Vidyalaya school in Kollam The school
  • College, Kollam popularly known as SN College, Kollam named after the social reformer Narayana Guru, is a centre of higher education in Kerala, India
  • Turf Hockey Stadium is a hockey stadium situated at the city of Kollam first of its kind in Kerala state, with a nominal capacity of around 5, 000 seats.
  • Government Medical College, Kollam formerly ESIC Medical College, Parippally, is the first Government medical college in Kollam district, Kerala, India.
  • Kollam or Quilon is an old seaport and city on the Laccadive Sea coast in Kerala, India on Ashtamudi Lake. Kollam was the ancient commercial capital of

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Sight seeing tourist places to visit in kollam and its attractions are Lighthouse,​Ashtamudi Lake,Chavara,Adventure Park,Thangasseri,RameshwaraTemple. Kollam Transportation l Road & Water Transport l Seaplane. Find best Goods Transport Services, Goods Transport Company in Kollam, Kerala. Get contact details and address of top Goods Carriers, Goods Transporters.

KSRTC to resume all services from today Onmanorama.

Select the best route between Thiruvananthapuram & Kollam based on price, timing & easy mode of transport. Prices are indicative one way, one traveller. Category:Transport in Kollam pedia. The public transport buses are long rectangles functional and the communication between the driver and the conductor is via pulling a string through hooks.

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Transportation operations to elevate customer experience, deliver more value to partners. Warehousing. We employ the specific warehouse management system​. Call 91 87 1500 Agarwal Fastway Packers Movers in Kollam. Number Location: Kollam Theni Hwy, Thiruvalla, Kerala 689101 Thiruvalla, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation KSRTC was developed in 1961. REC Transport. 25 °C. Boys Hs Kottarakkara High School GBHKHS located at Kollam and Soorya into custody. in OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT TRANSPORT OFFICER,.

Kollam: a Guide for Getting Around in the City Uber.

You must be searching for best packer and movers in Kollam? Agarwal Fastway Packers and Movers in Kollam is here to help you in door to door relocation and. VRL Logistics Courier Office in Kollam, Kerala, Address Contact. This includes amongst other things, collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste together with monitoring and regulation. They include. House Hold. Prime energy solution. Approved GPS tracker dealer in Kollam for Taxis, Buses, School Buses, Auto taxis. AIS 140 is the intelligent transport system that is a new addition for. Transport in Kollam Quickerala. The early days for the transport of goods from the isolated interior villages of Kerala Backwater area to the towns like Alleppey, Kollam, Cochin and Kottayam.

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So, is the Alleppey to Kollam ferry REALLY your best option for getting to Varkala when it comes to public transportation in Kerala?! Is it worth it? Alleppey to. Chembil Residency, Alleppey Accomodation Hotels Restaurant. Re: Transport. 4 years ago. Save. Train to Kollam and then cab Rickshaw to Club Mahindra Ashtamudi. Do need to expect rains during the time but they dont​. Transportation in Kollam Maps of India. How do you say Transport in Kollam? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Transport in Kollam on pronouncekiwi. SCHOOL TRANSPORT facilities in Kollam, kerala by KMJ Central. Of nearly 23 cents,owned by Kollam Thiruvananthapuram Diocese of The Mar It provides transport facilities for the poor patients to return to their homes at. Shriram Transport Finance Reviews in Kollam Glassdoor. Продолжительность: 0:33.

2 Ways to Reach Thiruvananthapuram to Kollam by train and bus.

This is E Auction Project Where Registered Transporter Will Bid for Transport of Material of Companies. Key Skills. Good Communication Skill. Kottarakkara weather. 1 Shriram Transport Finance reviews in Kollam. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

Delhi Public School Kollam Keralas Leading Award Winning Best.

Find top Transportation Services, Transport Service in Kollam, Kerala. Get contact number and list of best Transporters, Transport Companies and interstate​. Category:Transport in Kollam district media Commons. Kollam KSRTC Bus Station, an important bus station in South Kerala and Kottarakkara KSRTC Bus Station, one of the biggest in Kerala due its. 40 Places To Visit In Kollam On Your Next Trip There In 2021. To test for stability, saliva samples and nasopharyngeal samples with a range of viral loads were stored in a transport cooler at 4deg C or at.

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Subcategories. This category has the following 12 subcategories, out of 12 total. ▻ Water transport in Kollam district‎ 4 C, 10 F. ▻ Transport in Kollam‎ 12 C,. Alleppey to Varkala by ferry boat? Or bus, train, taxi? Kerala. Private buses, ordinary buses, deluxe and passenger buses carry tourists to various tourist destinations inside the city and the outskirts. Yellow top taxis, private cars and auto rickshaws are an inseparable part of the road transport in Kollam. Kollam Railway station is an important rail junction in Kerala. Navata Road Transport: Home. Nestled in Assams Golaghat, Nagaon, and Karbi Anglong districts, Kaziranga National Park, an asylum for the one horned rhinocero and a. Transport in Kollam Visually. Check out Tour My India Website for knowing how to reach Kollam for holiday via air plane, to most of the part of the country with all three means of transport.

How to see Keralas backwaters by houseboat Horizon Guides.

Best Companies in Scheduled Passenger Land Transport in Kollam, Kerala, Top list of companies, industries, mill, businesses or directory of Scheduled. Professional Couriers Tracking. Track Professional Courier shipments on Tr, you will get real time tracking information of your package. Enter your tracking number in the online. Public Transport in Kerala Asia Indian Subcontinent Lonely. Pages in category Transport in Kollam. The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total. This list may not reflect recent changes learn more. KL 02 Regional Transport Officer, Kollam Vehicle Registration. View about Travel & Transportation in Kollam on Facebook. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected.

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Sight seeing tourist places to visit in kollam and its attractions are Lighthouse,​Ashtamudi Lake,Chavara,Adventure Park,Thangasseri,RameshwaraTemple Следующая Войти Настройки. Ellagic acid stimulates glucose transport in 3T3‐L1 adipocytes and. Kuttikkatt motors, Eicher Trucks, Eicher motors Trivandrum Kollam perfect business partner and helps with all transportation problems you could ever face. What are the best and worst things about public transit in Kollam. Transport in Kollam, Kerala.

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Kollam Port was founded by Mar Sabor at Tangasseri in 825 as an alternative to reopening the inland seaport of Transport. Main article: Transport in Kollam. RTO, CDAC Approved GPS Tracker in Kollam Vehicle Tracking. The widely networked surface transportation specialists with more than 30 years of The transport and logistics players with a difference from the day one of its.

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