ⓘ Lauren Boebert is an American politician, businesswoman, conspiracy theorist, and gun-rights activist from the state of Colorado. She became the Republican nomi ..


ⓘ Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert is an American politician, businesswoman, conspiracy theorist, and gun-rights activist from the state of Colorado. She became the Republican nominee for Colorados 3rd congressional district in the 2020 elections, defeating incumbent congressman Scott Tipton. She is the first primary challenger to defeat a sitting U.S. House Representaive in Colorado in 48 years. She owns Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, where staff members are encouraged to openly carry firearms. Boebert had expressed support of QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory, though she later stated that she was "not a follower" of QAnon.


1. Early life

Boebert was born in Florida. When she was 12 years old, Boebert moved with her family to Aurora, Colorado, before settling in Rifle, Colorado, in 2003. Boebert has said that her parents were Democrats, and that they lived in poverty in Denver, where her mother received welfare. Boebert credits her first job, at a McDonalds, with changing her views on prioritizing work over government assistance.


2.1. Career Business

Boebert and her husband opened Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado in 2013, after her husband was laid off from his job. After a person was assaulted in a nearby alley, Boebert obtained a concealed carry permit and began encouraging the servers in the restaurant to open carry firearms. They also opened a restaurant called Putters on the Rifle Creek Golf Course in 2015.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she opened the dining area of her restaurant during the states stay-at-home order. Boebert received a cease and desist order from the Garfield County government. Boeberts restaurant followed Centers for Disease Control guidelines, worked with the City of Rifle and Garfield County to get her restaurant dining area re-opened after meeting county requirements on May 27, 2020.


2.2. Career Politics

In September 2019, Boebert became involved in gun rights activism, by challenging Beto ORourke at an Aurora, Colorado town hall meeting during his 2020 presidential campaign over his proposal for a gun buyback program, saying "Hell, no, you won’t take our guns". Later that month, Boebert opposed a gun control measure at a meeting of the Aspen City Council.


2.3. Career 2020 congressional campaign

In December 2019, Boebert announced her candidacy for Colorados 3rd congressional district of the United States House of Representatives in the 2020 elections against incumbent Scott Tipton in the Republican Party primary election. On June 30, 2020, Boebert defeated Tipton by a 54.6% to 45.4% margin to win the nomination. During her campaign, Boebert criticized Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other members of "The Squad", positioning herself as a conservative alternative to Ocasio-Cortez. Boebert has called herself "the antidote to The Squad. She does not believe that anyone has challenged Ocasio-Cortez. Seth Masket, a political science professor at the University of Denver, told Roll Call that Boebert wanted to motivate Republican voters, during a slow election cycle, to the primary by "trying to stir up their anger by directing it at" Ocasio-Cortez and others.

Boebert criticized Tipton on his voting record, which she said did not reflect the point of view of the third district, adding that Tipton voted with Democrats too often. Before the primary, President Donald Trump endorsed Tipton. During the campaign, Boebert characterized Tipton as unsupportive of the president. Boebert accused Tipton of supporting amnesty for undocumented immigrants by voting for H.R. 5038 Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019, stating that the act has a provision that leads to citizenship and also provides funding to undocumented farm workers for housing. Boebert criticized Tiptons efforts on funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, saying that he did not fight hard enough for more money for the program considering the program ran out of money in two weeks time.

Boebert is the first primary challenger to defeat a sitting U.S. Representative in Colorado in 48 years, since Democratic Representative Wayne Aspinall lost to Alan Merson. Justin Wingerter of the Denver Post wrote that Boeberts upset primary win "shocked" politicians and was a "stunning" victory. Boebert has pledged to join the Freedom Caucus if elected to the House. Boebert will face former Democratic state representative Diane Mitsch Bush, a retired sociology professor from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in the November general election. Boebert has stated that she belives that Bushs "platform is more government control" and Bush has a "socialist agenda".

During the campaign, Boebert expressed support of the QAnon conspiracy theory, saying," I hope that this is real because it only means America is getting stronger and better." QAnon, which has been classified as a domestic terrorism threat by the FBI and has been described as a cult, is a far-right conspiracy network. On July 6, 2020, Boebert responded to questions about QAnon, "I’m not a follower. This is just a fake attack from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. QAnon is a lot of things to different people. I was very vague in what I said before. I’m not into conspiracies. I’m into freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America. I’m not a follower”.


3. Political positions

Electoral college

Boebert opposes the National Popular Vote initiative, which would abolish the electoral college for presidential elections.

Gun rights

Boebert is a gun-rights supporter, and opposes expanding gun control regulations. She is against Colorado’s red flag law, which was passed in 2019 by the Colorado General Assembly.


Boebert supports the construction of a Mexico–United States border wall and opposes immigration "amnesty".


Boebert has advocated for academic administration on a local level and the elimination of the United States Department of Education.


Boebert pledged that, if elected to the House, she will not support any federal budget that results in additional debt.

Social issues

Boebert is pro-life. She is opposed to comprehensive sex education and the federal funding of Planned Parenthood.


4. Personal life

Boebert and her husband, Jayson, live in Silt, Colorado. Prior to operating their business, Boeberts husband worked in oil and gas fields. They have four sons. Boebert became a born again Christian in 2009.

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