ⓘ Gunther Frei. Frei studied mathematics, physics and languages at the University of Zurich. There he received his doctoral degree in 1968 with advisor Bartel Lee ..


ⓘ Gunther Frei

Frei studied mathematics, physics and languages at the University of Zurich. There he received his doctoral degree in 1968 with advisor Bartel Leendert van der Waerden and dissertation on geometry Beitrage zur axiomatischen Inhaltstheorie. He became an instructor in 1968 at the University of Notre Dame and in 1970 at Quebecs Universite Laval, where he became in 1971 a professor. He remained there until he retired as professor emeritus and returned to Switzerland to live in Hombrechtikon.

Freis research deals with number theory and the history of meathematics, especially the history of number theory in the 19th and 20th centuries and Swiss mathematics. He has written extensively on the life and work of Helmut Hasse. Frei is a member of the Euler Committee of the Swiss Academy of Sciences.


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