ⓘ Thaïs Lacoste-Fremont. Lacoste-Fremont came from an eminent family. Her father, Sir Alexandre Lacoste, became a Senator. Among her seven sisters were the noted ..


ⓘ Thaïs Lacoste-Fremont

Lacoste-Fremont came from an eminent family. Her father, Sir Alexandre Lacoste, became a Senator. Among her seven sisters were the noted feminist Marie Lacoste Gerin-Lajoie and the humanitarian Justine Lacoste-Beaubien. She married Charles Fremont, a lawyer, in 1910.


1. Public life

Lacoste-Fremont was active in the Conservative Party. She founded and served as the first president of the Quebec Conservative Womens Association French: Association des femmes conservatrices du Quebec. She was a delegate to the 1927 Conservative leadership convention in Winnipeg, where the Conservatives selected R. B. Bennett - who became Prime Minister in 1930 - as their leader.

In the late 1920s, Lacoste-Fremont co-chaired the Montreal Association of Women Property-Owners French: Association des femmes proprietaires de Montreal. Along with several other organizations, the Association was instrumental in convening the Dorion Commission in 1929–30. Chaired by judge Charles-Edouard Dorion, the commission was tasked with examination and reform of the Civil Code of Quebec as it pertained to the rights of women. At the time, the law of Quebec was notably regressive as compared to that of other provinces, and a major goal of womens rights activists in Quebec was to liberalize the legal regime. The Commission ultimately made rather modest proposals for reform, of which few were adopted. One reform that was taken up, however, gave married women legal ownership of salaries they earned.

In 1932, she was appointed by the Bennett government to serve as a Canadian delegate to the 13th conference of the League of Nations. Indeed, Prime Minister R. B. Bennett hoped to name her a Senator in the early 1930s; if he had done so, she would have been the first French Canadian woman to serve as a Senator. Cardinal Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve, however, reportedly asked her to decline - saying that the Senate was "no place for a woman" - and she acquiesced to the cardinals request.

In 1933, she was a representative to the fifth biennial conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations, held in Banff.

Her 1947 lecture series "The rights of the married woman in the civil and political life of the province of Quebec" French: Les droits de la femme mariee dans la vie civile et politique de la province de Quebec was highly influential. Some of Lacoste-Fremonts proposals in "Les droits" informed Marie-Claire Kirklands Bill 16, which, in 1964, made substantial changes to Civil Code provisions regarding womens rights.


2. Bibliography

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