ⓘ Liu Yin, Shu Han. Liu Yin was from Chengdu, the capital of Yi Province covering present-day Sichuan and Chongqing. While he was still a young man, Liu Yins name ..


ⓘ Liu Yin (Shu Han)

Liu Yin was from Chengdu, the capital of Yi Province covering present-day Sichuan and Chongqing. While he was still a young man, Liu Yins name became famous along with those of Du Zhen and Liu Shen who were of the same commandary as him. He was known as forthright, sincere and bright. And also as a generous man to his friends. Thanks to those qualities, he was a successful military officer. He was a regular follower of the Grand General Jiang Wei during his many northern campaigns. During them, Liu Yin showed skilled at improvising plans, would fearlessly charge through the ennemy lines and break their formations. His valour and cleverness made him popular in the army and a champion among the soldiers. Later on, he was nominated as General of the Standard, Administrator of Ba commandary and Cavalry Commandant. For his good work, he was summoned back to be the new Garrison Commander of Huangjin in Hanzhong commandary.

During Cao Weis invason of Shu Han in 263, Zhong Hui Cao-Weis General Who Guards The West led his army to the Hanzhong region where most of the local garrisons surrendered to him without opposition. Only Liu Yin wouldnt surrender, he strongly hold his position and would not be displaced. Still, Zhong Huis subordinate generals keep up the attack but they were defeated and could not capture his garrison. After his abdication to Deng Ai, Liu Shan sent Liu Yin a handwritten order commanding him to surrender and only then did he surround himself and the garrison to Zhong Hui. Sima Zhao heard of this, was greatly impressed and came to deeply respect Liu Yin for his loyalty.

One year later, in 264. Liu Yin was summoned to Hedong where he was appointed as a Consultant Gentleman. When Sima Yan established the Jin dynasty, he later assigned Liu Yin to be the Administrator of Xihe. Liu Yin stayed in that office for the next three years but he would have to resign his mission on account of his old age and soon died. Before his death, He asked for his remains to be sent back to his homeland in the Shu region. He died among his family at the age of seventy-nine years old.

Liu Yins elder son, Liu Chong later became Prefect of Liandao. While his younger son, Liu Chu was recommended as an Abundant Talent candidate.

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